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001-JBCH (Back Ribs 2 Choice VP)
002-PD (Bone In Shanks)
003-PD (Banana Shank)
0031-B60 (Vacuum Packed Shank Meat)
0031-HB (Beef Shanks Frozen)
004-PD (Cap Off Inside)
005-PD (Chuck Eye Rolls)
006-PD (Chuck Clods PD)
007-JB (CR NRBNLS Beef Eye of Rounds)
007-PD (Eye of Rounds)
008-PD (Flap Meat)
009-PD (Flat Rounds / Bottom Round Flats)
010-EVP (Skinned (2pc-S&D) Liver)
010-HB (Beef Calf Livers)
011-JB (5Star SL/HI Neck Bones)
012-NY-PD-SL (NY 0/1 Select)
012-PD (NY Strips - 5 pc.)
013-PDCH (Peeled Knuckles Choice)
014-PD (Ribeye Lip On - 5 pc.)
014-PD-CH (Ribeye Lip/on Bnls Choice)
014-Select (Ribeye Lip/on BNLS SL 4/16 up)
015-PD (107 Ribeye Export)
016-PD (Ribeye Roll - 10 UP / 8 UP PD)
017-B (5 UP Tenderloin VP)
017-PD (Tenderloin PSMO)
017-PD-PSMO-CH (Tenderloin PSMO Choice)
017-PD-PSMO-SL (Tenderloin PSMO Select)
017-PD-ShLoin-SL (Short Loin 0/1 Select)
018-PD (Short Ribs Palo-Duro)
019-EVP (Brisket Boneless)
019-PDCH (Short Loin Palo-Duro Choice)
020-B (Brown 30# Flank Steak)
020-PD (Palo Duro 30# Flank Steak)
021-PD (Top Sirloin Butts)
022-PD (Palo Duro 100% 30# Strips)
022-RI (Rib, Ribeye, 100L)
023-B (Brown 100% 60# Strips)
023-NY (NY Strip Loin)
023-R (100% Strips VP Frozen)
024-Bfeet-Goat (Goat Feet Burnt)
024-WE (6 Way Goats)
025-M (6 Way Mutton) - Other
026 (Burnt Goats)
027 (Sweet Bread)
028 (Inside Skirt)
029 (Outside Skirt)
030 (Cheek Meat 30#)
032 (50/50 Trim)
033-AF (Rough Flank COV C/C Long Prairie 60#)
033-B (Rough Flank (Boneless) Brown)
033-PD-Drop (Drop Flank PD)
035 (Bull Fries 30#)
035 AF (Bull Fries 20# AF)
037 (Beef Fat Coarse Grind)
038-B (Femur Bones 3-Way-Cut Brown)
038-Giro (Bones)
038-LS (Femur 3 Way Cut Bone LS)
038-PD (Femur 3 Way Cut Bone PD)
038-PD-Pallet (Patella Bone (Knee Cap) Frozen)
038-W (Femur Whole Bone)
039-AF (Beef Feet No. 1 American Food)
039-AF2 (Beef Feet No.2 AF)
039-G (Cow Feet Gico)
039-HB (Cow Feet 1# H&B)
041 (Burnt Feet)
042 (Hearts 60#)
043-10AF (H C Tripe 10# AF)
043-20B (H C Tripe 20# Brown)
044 (Scalded Tripe 30#)
045 (Omasum Tripe 30#)
046-AF-30 (Kidney N/D 30#)
047-30B (Achilles - 30# Brown)
047-30JB (Achilles - 30# JBS)
048-22 (Flexor - 22#)
048-30B (Flexor - 30# Brown)
049-30 (Ox Lips - 30#)
049-60B (Ox Lips - 60# Brown)
049-60R (Beef Lips)
050-15HB (Ox Tails 15# H&B)
050-15LS (Ox Tails 15# LS)
050-25PD (Regular Oxtails)
050-50B (Ox Tails 50# Brown)
050-50B-Burnt (Burnt Oxtails)
052-RB (Tongues Regular/Black)
052-W (Beef Tongues #1 White FEZ FZ Lengua De Res #1 Blanco)
054-15 Intestines (Tripas -)
054-20 (Tripas - Small 20# EVP)
054-20-EVP-Whole Intestine (EVP Whole Intestine 20lbs)
054-21 (Tripas 30# Swift)
054-22 (Large intestine)
055 (Mt. Chain Tripe)
056-B (Weasand - Brown)
057 (Pirates Gold (per case))
057-Blood (Cow Blood)
057-H (Pirates Gold - Hot (per case))
060-Head EVP (Beef Whole Head 2 per box)
062 (Shank Meat)
064 (Top Round 1/4 Trim)
065 (Lamb Burnt Feet)
10-EVP (Liver Skinned (2PC-S&D))
100 (Goat Heads Burnt)
200 (Brisket Points)
200-EVP (Sirloin Tri Tip PLD)
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