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J.E. Mullinax entered the beef business in 1919, assisted by his three sons Harry, Herbert, and Charles. Out of a small building referred to as “Mullinax Abbattoir” in Belton SC, he began dressing and processing animals for the surrounding community. In 1939 he changed the name to J.E. Mullinax & Sons and started selling products to stores and cafes.

In 1954 he gave the business over to his son, Harry C. Mullinax, who changed the name to “Harry’s Beef and Pork.” At this point Harry’s business mainly consisted of selling to Meat Markets. Harry and his brother, Charles, would alternate “running” the business, which gave Harry a chance to enjoy the profits they had earned.

On June 1, 1967 Harry hired his other brother, Herbert, to help him with the business and gave him 50% partnership – free of charge! They incorporated the business and changed the name to “Blue Ridge Beef Inc.” after the Blue Ridge Railroad that runs through Belton. They acquired a plant in Pageland, SC in 1978 that Herbert ran. The Pageland plant was unsuccessful and Herbert came back to the Belton plant where he worked until his death in 2002.

Harry C. Mullinax worked in the business for 60 years before selling it to his nephews in 2015.

Today, the business continues to operate out of Belton, SC.

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